Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jumping into the Deep End of Point's Drawings

Hello everyone! Sorry about the noted silence-I was travelling over the past week and had difficulty getting to a computer. This week, I delved deep into the task at hand: organizing and cataloging the drawings. As such, I began with dividing all of the drawings into one of five categories: landscapes, religious scenes, battle sequences, village scenes or portraits. Beginning with religious scenes, I went through each of the drawings, looking for any indications of the year it was written or geographic location in order to construct a historical map of Point's works. This is easier said than done. Often, the drawings featured only faint references to regional landmarks, and dating each drawing was a particular difficulty. One such work, a drawing of an elevated cross in front of the towering Rocky Mountains, offered little in the way of indications to date or location. As such, I spent a good portion of time combing through the several research materials for help. Luckily, I found a picture of the drawing on Sacred Encounters, and that offered a somewhat helpful time span to narrow the focus. This issue arose several times in the last week.

Apart from the frustrations one associates with organizing somewhat vague, yet extremely vivid, drawings, this week was relatively low in problems. The only remaining issue remains the scale of drawings that need to be  analyzed, and so the only thing I can do for now is to work as much as I can to get all of these drawings initially cataloged. And due to the fact that my work-space is my room-which stems from the independent nature of this internship-it seems that I will remained attached to my desk for at least the next week.

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