Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cataloging and Organizing

Hello all! This week was mostly geared towards organizing the drawings I've cataloged and beginning to compile wall posts for them. I began the week by organizing all of the drawings, according to their respective themes, into two general piles: completed and uncompleted. As their names suggest, the first pile was made up of drawings/works that I felt very comfortable placing geographically and chronologically; the second pile was made up of still questionable pieces. The split was generally 60-40. The main problem running throughout the mass of drawings is two fold: one, many of the works are very vague, depicting general topics(such as a nondescript river or valley); and two, many of the them are therefore difficult to place in any geographic or chronological context. One drawing in particular is quite troubling: it depicts simply a man sleeping next to a wagon. Given his clothes I estimated that he was a Jesuit, an based solely around the fact that he was tired I assumed that it took place during the first major journey to the West. However, that second assumption is based pretty hugely on conjecture and, to a limited degree, educated guesswork. For the rest of the unknown drawings I guess I'll have to work more on drawing clues from their subject matters or themes, coupled with evidence from the texts to place them in the first, completed category.

This next week is going to be pretty much focused on completing this final task of initial cataloging. I've been splitting my time between school, volunteering and the beginnings of a Master's Program, so I haven't been able to spend a lot of time on the tasks at hand. However, this coming week I'm going to be spending a lot of time on Point's drawings so I've given myself till the end of the week to complete the aforementioned task and begin writing wall texts for all of Point's drawings. Till then!

p.s. Sorry about the oft-late postings, I've been particularly busy but starting this week I'll be spending a lot more time with the drawings than before. So expect my next post in a few days!

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