Sunday, October 20, 2013

LUMA Organizing

The end goal of my internship is to organize all the drawings I cataloged for their inevitable exhibition at Loyola University's Museum of Art next summer, and this week I've begun that process. First, I reorganized all the drawings back into their original groups: religious and battle scenes, portraits, landscapes and a small miscellaneous section. They had become rather mixed up in the last few weeks of cataloging, and it took about an hour to complete this reorganization.

After redividing all of the pictures, I began the long process of organizing the pictures for the exhibition. During a meeting with my adviser, I learned how they were going to be exhibited next summer. Along one large wall at LUMA, groups of four drawings will be grouped vertically with their titles, and there would be about twenty of these vertical groupings. As such, some of the drawings will have to be left out-a prospect that I greatly enjoyed considering that many of Point's drawings are nearly impossible to date or estimate where they were drawn. So this past week I began with the religious scenes, organizing them into groups of four I believe reflect their general thematic topics, subject matter or setting.
The small story of Ignace's spiritual journey!

This part of my internship is what I've been looking forward to most, and it was very enjoyable to construct small narratives through these pictures. One group of drawings tells a short narrative of the religious life of Ignace, a son of a noted Indian chief. The first piece shows Ignace's baptism by Father De Smet, followed by the "Prayer for Ignace on his deathbed," and ending with two pictures of Ignace's Last Rites and his funeral. As such, the future audience will be able to see one man-who has been dead for over 150 years- and his growth as a devout Christian. I can't wait to continue this process: creating over twenty short artistic narratives, all of which will be unveiled next summer at the LUMA!

The next week I'm going to continue this process, and I hope to be finished by Wednesday. Come back then and hopefully I'll have a picture of the completed project: over eighty pictures all arranged into their respective groups! Stay tuned!

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